General Session Info

Our sessions are led by your wants,  interests and desires.  When you email or call to book a session, we’ll discuss your needs and wants for the photo session, any questions or concerns you may have, clothing choices, location and anything else you need or want to know. We will also discuss the pricing and what type of prints, images or wall art you want to receive post-session. Whether you have newborn, children, large family, seniors or an engaged couple, Kirsten is confident she can work with you to achieve your desired outcome.

There are no limit to poses, clothing changes, props or number of images taken. Most sessions can take anywhere from 45 minutes-2 hours to complete (except mini sessions). Newborns can take from 2-3 hours. No matter the age of your family, we always leave an unlimited amount of time to work with newborns and children to make sure we get that right shot. We’ll have some tricks up our sleeves to work with children, including toys, treats and sweets (with parent permission, of course.) Kirsten is a mom of three and has plenty of patience to work with active children and all the moods or unexpected moments we might encounter when we are trying to get our children to cooperate during a session. Her style is relaxed, easy going and we work with families and individuals to make it as enjoyable and fun for the everyone. The idea is to capture the special moments in our time together and make it into an memorable image that lasts a lifetime.

To book a session, call or email Kirsten at It is best to schedule sessions at least 2 weeks in advance, but we can always make room for same week sessions as our schedule allows. We’ve heard many newborn photographers book their sessions several weeks in advance. Because of the unexpected time of deliveries (it can be anywhere from 36.5 weeks-42 weeks for a normal delivery!) we always have time in our schedule for newborn sessions. It is best to schedule newborns in first 2 weeks of life, but we can do it up to the first 6 weeks.

If you or a family member becomes sick prior to the session, we’re happy to reschedule. Just contact me as soon as possible and we’ll arrange a new session time.




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